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The top 7 reasons New Zealander's choose to make their website with Geek Free and you should to...

You'll get a great level of ongoing support by New Zealander's and not farmed off to somebody on the other side of the planet.

Make your website from one of 100's of fully customisable designs giving you the flexibility to make your own your way and have it look professional.

Join the track record of Google top 10 clients. More traffic and therefore more customers for you.

Deal with normal people not geeks. We aim to make it simple for you. You won't have to talk with someone who speaks down to you or you simply don't understand.
Geek Free gets that it should be K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Simon.

Affordable web design is important. Our packages allow us to give you the very best service and assist you in getting more business. Not all web design companies are equal.

We've been successfully marketing businesses online since 2003 and making money from those websites. This means that we truly understand how to do business on the web and can help you make money to.

You can get help with as much or as little as you'd like. We can write web copy for you, organise photos, you name it or you can do it yourself. We make it work for you. Tell us what you'd like us to help you with and what you want to do yourself.
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